Cybercriminals take over Nashville

The dawn of the internet brought forth an unprecedented era of technological and industrial growth. What used to fill rooms with equipment worth millions can now fit in our hands for a few hundred dollars. People are more connected than ever, but as with most things that seem too good to be true, there are definitely consequences. Cyberbullying, breaking into other networks to steal sensitive information, and hosting illegal media in the cloud have all become issues in just the last few decades. Because of this, an entirely new division of criminal law has developed to address it.

According to this Nashville news site, in the beginning of August, a woman flying on a Southwest Airlines flight reported to the flight crew that someone sitting in front of her was texting about molesting children. She secretly took pictures of the text messages, which were bright and clearly visible from her seat, and once the flight touched down the FBI and the police were already on the scene. The man was arrested, and soon after the female recipient of the text messages was arrested as well. The couple was charged and booked on a host of charges, including rape of a child in the first degree and sexual exploitation of a minor.The woman was released shortly after booking because the prosecutors could not come up with the charging documents quickly enough. The FBI arrested her again, however, for conspiracy to produce child pornography. Thanks to an upstanding citizen, the three children the couple lived with were saved from these predators. Two of the children have been identified as victims and are now safe.

Used mostly in regards to human trafficking, there is a saying on nearly all forms of public transportation: “If you see something, say something.” When it comes to the exploitation of children, there is no room for error, and every little thing must be treated as a legitimate concern. Of course, it is not so black and white in other situations involving the internet. Many criminal defense lawyers in Nashville have cyber crimes divisions, and they can help establish what constitutes criminal activity on the internet, especially if you suspect that a child is being lured in by an internet predator, or if you notice someone near you on public transportation chatting about the sexual exploitation of a minor.

Some people may question whether or not it is right for law enforcement to search you or your property for what you said over the internet, but when you do so in such a public space, it no longer becomes a private conversation. Conversations over public networks should also not be considered private speech, and you must assume that if a conversation is public, there is a chance a police officer could overhear you. Either way, we must all do our part to protect the next generation and give them the best opportunity at an excellent life, and cracking down on cyber crimes can help countless children.

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