The Perfect Salon for Your Perfect Hairstyle

There are limitless reasons for one to get their hair styled. In life, there are countless events, parties, get-togethers, and meet-ups, all of which you want to look great for. Personally, there are very few days where I wouldn’t like my hair to be done and looking great. Having that hairdo that suits you perfectly and owning it out in public is an excellent feeling. It gives you a rush of confidence that you can’t get from anything else. I did some research into the best hair salons and found a great one that is located near my home. I haven’t gone yet, but I read the rundown of what they can do, and it sounds promising.

The name is Therapy Hair Studio, and it looks like they do their best to give you a style that you can maintain on your own without having to go to the hair salon on a regular basis to get it re-done. This allows you to have a hairdo that doesn’t need professional attention and that can be easily styled at home. As a bonus, you will have the confidence that comes with a fresh haircut whenever you want, just by doing a little bit of work on it. You get to look on top of your game without having to consistently see a professional about your hair. Overall, it will also save you time and money.

When it comes to more significant events like weddings, this hair salon has you covered. For your regular haircuts, they can get you a hairdo that will last you for a while, however for weddings, they will set you up with the hair style of your dreams. This can be accompanied by professional make-up that will last throughout the night. Their makeup artists are fantastic, and the hair stylists they have for weddings are the best that they have on staff. They don’t have anyone new to the business working on your hair when it comes to something as significant as your wedding day. They will gladly work on hair extensions to make you look as gorgeous as possible for the day you’ve been waiting for your entire life.

Their overall service goes above and beyond as well. They will pamper you while you wait and during your cut and style. They have wine, coffee, and tea as refreshments while you’re waiting your turn, and they will make you feel like a queen in a castle. The environment is so relaxing, it feels like it’s a spa even though it’s a hair salon. Their stylists treat you like their friends and do their very best to find a look that suits your specific style and appearance. After they are done you can go out looking, and more importantly feeling, your very best.

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Tips to Help Bikers on the Road

The risk to motorcyclists is well documented, and everyone knows the person with the greatest responsibility for the safety of a motorcyclist is the motorcyclist himself.

Nevertheless, there is much that the average driver of a car or truck can do to minimize the dangers for bikers on the road. Bikers share the road with us, and following these steps would mean they, just like us, have a safer experience every time they get on the highway.

  1. Keep a safe distance

While it’s always best to keep a safe distance between you and any vehicle, the higher risk of serious injury in the case of even a slight crash means extra attention should be paid to this. Pick a landmark up ahead and make sure there are three seconds between the time the biker passed and when you pass. That will give plenty of room in the case of something unexpected taking place.

  1. Pay especially close attention

It’s easy to let the eye wander a bit when driving, especially when driving for some time. When a biker is nearby, leave the radio alone, don’t touch the phone, and just keep your eyes on the road.

This, as with the point above (and those to follow) is good advice in any situation. Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of accidents, so following this tip is not just for the safety of the biker but for your own safety.

  1. Make sure there’s an escape plan

If possible, always stay near the side with a breakdown lane or some other space to turn into in the case of an accident. A bike accident can happen quickly, and if it does, the best option is to hit the breaks and steer away from the damage, that way further injury is avoided for everyone.

  1. Look behind you

Bikers often don’t ride alone. There’s a biker ahead but care about making sudden turns into other lanes without looking. Another biker may be catching up behind.

Often, bike accidents are caused simply by cars assuming after the briefest of glances that no one is behind and quickly switching lanes. Because bikes can easily fit into blind spots, it is best to always exercise a little extra caution and to look twice before switching lanes.

Again, it’s true that the majority of the responsibility must fall on the biker to maintain the safety of himself and his vehicle. Still, two truths worth point out here at the end still stands out. First: We’re all sharing this road together. This is not a biker’s highway or a driver’s highway, it’s everyone’s highway. Two: a motorcycle accident is usually not just a motorcycle accident but a motorcycle and other vehicle accident. In other words, keeping bikers safe helps keep you safe, as well as avoiding potential legal complications like motorcycle-related lawsuits.

Remember at all times that while it’s easy to get annoyed on the road, a mistake made in an instant can stay with people forever. Try to remain a calm and competent driver not just for the bikers out there but for yourself as well.

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Alimony and Divorce

Understanding that alimony relates to the standard of living in the marriage is crucial. Basically, when the marriage ends, the best scenario is that both spouses keep their standard of living as they were before the divorce. If you are the spouse making all or most of the money, the theory behind alimony is that you are going to have to share that income with your former spouse. The standard of living is how you live and how much it costs to maintain that lifestyle. This standard of living is different for each household, but it comes down to how much you had to spend while you were married and how you spent that money.

In any divorce settlement, the spouses’ income is always addressed, and if you are the spouse that is earning substantially more income, it is likely that you will have to make alimony payments to your spouse. These payments, sometimes known as spousal support, are typically paid each month until a date that is set by a judge several years in the future. However, if you are the spouse paying the alimony, you may not have to continue paying it if your former spouse remarries or if your child no longer needs a full-time parent at home. There are other reasons where you may not have to pay alimony any longer after a divorce. For instance, if you are going into retirement, a judge can possibly modify the amount paid in alimony. Also, if a judge states that after a certain time that your former spouse has not made a real effort to become partially self-supporting, it is possible that you may not have to make further alimony payments.

If you and your former spouse cannot agree on the amount and length of time of the alimony payments, then a court will need to set agreement terms. Having the court make these decisions can be somewhat costly – in time and money. If a spouse refuses to pay alimony, it is recommended to seek legal counsel, like Kessler & Solomiany, LLC, soon to enforce the alimony order. Courts take these orders very seriously, so if you are the spouse that is required to pay the alimony, it is important to make every effort to pay the ordered amount.

Alimony is granted based on you and your family’s needs. For example, if you are the spouse receiving the alimony and your children live with you, alimony needs to include enough money to care for you and your children. Consideration is also given to the other spouse’s ability to pay the alimony, but still meet his/her needs as well.

Resolving issues with alimony can be rather stressful and one of the most difficult issues in a divorce. Sometimes mediation is helpful for both parties to see clearly what needs to be addressed. Additionally, if a child is involved, any alimony granted must account for the overall well-being of the child as well. A mediation process can help the two parties reach a settlement that meets both of their needs.

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Cybercriminals take over Nashville

The dawn of the internet brought forth an unprecedented era of technological and industrial growth. What used to fill rooms with equipment worth millions can now fit in our hands for a few hundred dollars. People are more connected than ever, but as with most things that seem too good to be true, there are definitely consequences. Cyberbullying, breaking into other networks to steal sensitive information, and hosting illegal media in the cloud have all become issues in just the last few decades. Because of this, an entirely new division of criminal law has developed to address it.

According to this Nashville news site, in the beginning of August, a woman flying on a Southwest Airlines flight reported to the flight crew that someone sitting in front of her was texting about molesting children. She secretly took pictures of the text messages, which were bright and clearly visible from her seat, and once the flight touched down the FBI and the police were already on the scene. The man was arrested, and soon after the female recipient of the text messages was arrested as well. The couple was charged and booked on a host of charges, including rape of a child in the first degree and sexual exploitation of a minor.The woman was released shortly after booking because the prosecutors could not come up with the charging documents quickly enough. The FBI arrested her again, however, for conspiracy to produce child pornography. Thanks to an upstanding citizen, the three children the couple lived with were saved from these predators. Two of the children have been identified as victims and are now safe.

Used mostly in regards to human trafficking, there is a saying on nearly all forms of public transportation: “If you see something, say something.” When it comes to the exploitation of children, there is no room for error, and every little thing must be treated as a legitimate concern. Of course, it is not so black and white in other situations involving the internet. Many criminal defense lawyers in Nashville have cyber crimes divisions, and they can help establish what constitutes criminal activity on the internet, especially if you suspect that a child is being lured in by an internet predator, or if you notice someone near you on public transportation chatting about the sexual exploitation of a minor.

Some people may question whether or not it is right for law enforcement to search you or your property for what you said over the internet, but when you do so in such a public space, it no longer becomes a private conversation. Conversations over public networks should also not be considered private speech, and you must assume that if a conversation is public, there is a chance a police officer could overhear you. Either way, we must all do our part to protect the next generation and give them the best opportunity at an excellent life, and cracking down on cyber crimes can help countless children.

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Lack of Informed Consent as a Medical Malpractice Claim

When you think about medical malpractice, you always imagine scenarios where a doctor has done an incompetent error, like a surgical error, and the patient ends up getting hurt. That is understandable, because that is indeed a typical medical malpractice claim.

But it is important to know what medical malpractice really is, because it is much broader than you realize. A medical malpractice happens when the following scenarios happen: a medical professional has the duty of care to a patient, the medical professional has an action or inaction that can be considered negligent, reckless, or incompetent, and the action or inaction has resulted into the harm of the patient. So, it is not just about surgical errors, because any careless act can be a reason for a medical malpractice claim.

According to the website of Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ®, one manifestation of medical malpractice is the lack of informed consent. Lack of informed consent happens when a patient has technically consented to a treatment process, has done so without too much knowledge, and has ended up injured. The patient should be informed regarding a variety of things before he can have an “informed consent,” such as the following:

·       The medical professional’s name and qualifications

·       The patient’s medical condition

·       The treatment process’s description

·       The treatment process’s nature

·       Why the treatment process is needed

·       The treatment process’s goal

·       The treatment process’s risks

·       The treatment process’s chance of success

·       Alternative treatment methods

This way, the patient can make an informed decision whether he wants to give consent or not to undergo the treatment process. This can be very crucial, because there are treatment processes that may have details that may make the patient back out, like when they have too much risks compared to what the patient is comfortable with or too little success rate to make them worth it.

If a patient undergoes the treatment process without having full knowledge of what it is and what could be, and has ended up getting hurt, he may have a legal option, in the form of a medical malpractice claim under the lack of informed consent.

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