Tips to Help Bikers on the Road

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The risk to motorcyclists is well documented, and everyone knows the person with the greatest responsibility for the safety of a motorcyclist is the motorcyclist himself.

Nevertheless, there is much that the average driver of a car or truck can do to minimize the dangers for bikers on the road. Bikers share the road with us, and following these steps would mean they, just like us, have a safer experience every time they get on the highway.

  1. Keep a safe distance

While it’s always best to keep a safe distance between you and any vehicle, the higher risk of serious injury in the case of even a slight crash means extra attention should be paid to this. Pick a landmark up ahead and make sure there are three seconds between the time the biker passed and when you pass. That will give plenty of room in the case of something unexpected taking place.

  1. Pay especially close attention

It’s easy to let the eye wander a bit when driving, especially when driving for some time. When a biker is nearby, leave the radio alone, don’t touch the phone, and just keep your eyes on the road.

This, as with the point above (and those to follow) is good advice in any situation. Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of accidents, so following this tip is not just for the safety of the biker but for your own safety.

  1. Make sure there’s an escape plan

If possible, always stay near the side with a breakdown lane or some other space to turn into in the case of an accident. A bike accident can happen quickly, and if it does, the best option is to hit the breaks and steer away from the damage, that way further injury is avoided for everyone.

  1. Look behind you

Bikers often don’t ride alone. There’s a biker ahead but care about making sudden turns into other lanes without looking. Another biker may be catching up behind.

Often, bike accidents are caused simply by cars assuming after the briefest of glances that no one is behind and quickly switching lanes. Because bikes can easily fit into blind spots, it is best to always exercise a little extra caution and to look twice before switching lanes.

Again, it’s true that the majority of the responsibility must fall on the biker to maintain the safety of himself and his vehicle. Still, two truths worth point out here at the end still stands out. First: We’re all sharing this road together. This is not a biker’s highway or a driver’s highway, it’s everyone’s highway. Two: a motorcycle accident is usually not just a motorcycle accident but a motorcycle and other vehicle accident. In other words, keeping bikers safe helps keep you safe, as well as avoiding potential legal complications like motorcycle-related lawsuits.

Remember at all times that while it’s easy to get annoyed on the road, a mistake made in an instant can stay with people forever. Try to remain a calm and competent driver not just for the bikers out there but for yourself as well.

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